NASW/CASW wins bid to host World Federation of Science Journalists in 2017

The sucsan francisco bid 2017cess of the first-ever cross-border science journalism conference (see previous post) proved a fertile seed for a larger collaboration between U.S. and Latin American journalists. The World Federation of Science Journalists announced that NASW/CASW won the bid to host the 10th annual conference in San Francisco in 2017. Congratulations to my collaborator Lynne Walker, Vice President of the Institute of the Americas at UC San Diego!



Awarded Idea Grant to develop unique workshop

crossborder-science-journalism-workshop-logoScience does not stop at the US-Mexico border, and neither should science reporting. But it does. Despite past efforts, some of the most important issues of our time–such as health and the environment–fail to reach the public’s awareness. Together with two co-organizers, Lynne Friedmann and S. Lynne Walker, I hope to change that. [Read more…]